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Accessible ePUB3

The ePUB3 format represents a significant leap forward in the production of accessible eBooks. Amnet addresses the specific accessibility requirements that need attention and are beyond publisher workflows. Some of the services provided are generation of accessible metadata, ensuring logical reading order, semantic structuring, tagging tables and much more.

Accessible PDF/Word/PPT

The accessible versions of PDF, Word, and PPT allow the users to navigate and interpret the appropriate sequence of text in the document and recognize tables, formulas, line art, and images. Some of the features include enabling complete navigation, identifying decorative images, writing alternative text descriptions, examining color contrast and font size, and enabling screen readers to read out aloud.

Alternative Text Descriptions

Adding alternative text descriptions to non-text content is an important guideline within WCAG 2.0. Amnet provides text alternatives for any non-text content so that it can be changed into other formats, such as Braille, Speech, Symbols, and Simpler Language.


MathML makes mathematical equations accessible to everyone by eliminating the ambiguity of a verbal description of a picture. We follow the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) guidelines for MathML, which is the best approach in most cases for encoding math content.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Subtitles are the written form of dialogues in the videos. They are intended for listeners who are able to hear but prefer to have the dialogue of the narration displayed. Closed captions are an extension of subtitles and usually contain descriptions of important non-dialogue audio. This is specifically intended for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Transcription/Audio Sync

Our services include transcription of audio, proofreading the transcribed text against the spoken audio and syncing of audio and transcribed text at word level. Amnet has an exclusive proprietary platform which is compatible with audio synchronization feature.

Podcast Transcription

We can help with the following services for podcast - transcripts of content along with captions that plays in sync with the podcast for hearing impaired audiences, audio descriptions of visual information for visually impaired audiences, and translation services to subtitle your videos in a variety of languages.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is a subset of Usability Testing and it is performed to ensure that the application being tested is usable by people with disabilities like hearing, color blindness, old age and other disadvantaged groups.

Accessibility testing includes accessibility full check, read out loud using Acrobat Reader, NVDA, JAWS, section 508 and WCAG compliance, screen reader compatibility with NVDA,JAWS, VoiceOver, on target platforms and devices, IDPF accessibility guidelines and WCAG compliance, and PAC accessibility checker.

Accessibility Metadata

The inclusion of accessibility metadata facilitates informed decisions about the usability of an EPUB publication. Consumers can review the qualities of the content and decide whether a publication is appropriate for their needs, regardless of whether it meets the bar of being certified broadly accessible. The accessibility metadata contains information such as access mode, accessibility features, accessibility hazards, accessibility controls and accessibility application program interface.

Website Remediation

Amnet takes a four-tiered approach wherein we deal with website audit and arrive at custom plans.


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