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Amnet provides Editorial Servicescopy editing services and proofreading for books & journals. Our in-house and freelance copy editors are vetted, trained, and managed by Amnet production editors. We pride ourselves on delivering thoughtful, clean, and professional editing services.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Academic STEM and HSS (both books and journals)
  • Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Children's Books and YA
  • Theological content including Bibles, Dictionaries and Commentaries
  • Reference Books

Reflective Questions

Amnet offers reflective questions, a service for journals. These are questions that elicit a personal response about the subject matter in the reader that aids in his or her professional learning and development. In a professional learning context, to reflect is to think over a topic with the objective of analyzing it to identify the core areas of interest and further one’s interest in those areas. The purpose of the questions is to allow practitioners and university students belonging to organizations who subscribe to the titles to get the most out of the content. Hence reflective questions reinforce what is learned and possibly promote a line of thinking in a new direction.


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