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Digital is the buzzword…

EPUB conversion is the most sought-after digital format. EPUB’s wide adoption in tablets, smartphones, laptops, and dedicated e-readers makes it the most effective eBook format in the world.

Amnet offers high quality EPUB conversion, defined conversion processes, and market-leading conversion and QC tools.


We offer a complete solution for the print and digital delivery of content that adheres to industry standards, and we have extensive experience in handling complex, high-volume work for leading publishers. For data conversion we use any input format to create EPUB output files such as optimized EPUB3, enhanced EPUB, fixed-layout EPUB, Kindle EPUB fixed-layout KF8 and enhanced fixed-layout EPUB.

Amnet is

  • one of sixteen global iBooks conversion and delivery houses approved by Apple
  • an Amazon-recognized EPUB conversion and delivery house

Input and Output Formats


  • Reflowable EPUB/MOBI 
  • Fixed-layout format for Apple
  • Fixed-layout format for Kindle
  • Fixed-layout format for Nook
  • Web-ready PDF
  • Interactive and enhanced EPUB
  • Word documents extracted from PDF, Quark, and other formats
  • HTML


Quick Facts

EPUB Formats
Reading Platform
1 Optimized EPUB3 Includes reflowable text along with images, tables, links, etc. All e-book reading devices/ platforms
2 Enhanced EPUB Includes reflowable text  along with images, tables, links, etc. It also includes audio and video elements. Apple iPad/iPhone, Kindle app for iPad, Nook Tablet, Kobo Tablet, Kindle HD Tablet and other devices
3 Fixed-layout-EPUB Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source. Apple iPad/iPhone, Nook Tablet, Kobo Tablet, and other devices (except Kindle)
4 Kindle fixed-layout KF8 Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source. Kindle devices
5 Enhanced fixed-layout-EPUB Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source and also includes interactive elements such as audio, video, JavaScript, SMIL integration, etc. Apple iPad/iPhone, KOBO Tablet and other fully EPUB3 supported devices/reading applications

Our E-book Capabilities

  • Accessibility support
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • Rich layout of other print media (magazines, newspapers)
  • Cross-linking capabilities for content integration (embedding PDF and other media)
  • Multimedia and enhanced e-books (rich media)
  • Global languages including Japanese and Chinese
  • Interacts optimally with languages such as SVG and JavaScript
  • MathML


Flashcards are ideally used for memorizing new concepts. The purpose of a flashcard is to create a study set of notes, images, and audio to enhance the reading experience. The key benefit of using flashcard is to learn while having fun. The correct answers are revealed instantly which helps the user to make a mental note of the mistakes. Flashcards can be accessed through smartphones, devices, and desktops/laptops. The general features available in flashcards are as follows:

  • Flip to show
  • Quizlet (timed and untimed version)
  • Image pop-up
  • Audio quiz

Amnet has a rich experience in delivering a quiz with flashcards with an interactive feature in ePub using JavaScript. A quiz with a set of questions with instant answers along with the options to go to the next and previous questions and its progress along with timed and untimed versions are delivered to the customers based on their requirements.

Amnet has a prolific pool of resources for developing interactive eBooks for our various customers. We extend our experience in educational books with the following features.

  • Text field to update the answers
  • Radio button, checkbox, drag-drop, and a dropdown for optional questions
  • Scoreboard and drawing board
  • Circle and highlighting the content
  • Instant answers once all the questions are attended in a particular section.


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