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Amnet’s editorial and production experts manage a variety of content, including complex multivolume works, scholarly monographs, and self-published manuscripts by aspiring authors. Following our Smartshoring® practice, publishers and others can choose a resource base that is aligned to their goals.

A project manager is exclusively designated for each project and is responsible for the planning, execution, and reporting of your project, from inception through to completion. The project manager serves as the single point of contact to address every concern or query at any stage in the project work cycle.

The designated project manager establishes and maintains communication with identified contributors, solicits input and information from the client’s editorial staff, develops the style sheet as per the client’s requirements, connects with the Amnet composition team, supervises the editorial review of typeset page proofs, and monitors the various stages of proofing. The project manager also provides appropriate status reports as required by the client.


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