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Art and image processing is an important element in the composition process. Amnet has the experience to deliver precision and aesthetics in art and image processing. We offer all kinds of graphic composition including line-arts, half-tones and pictures:

  • Line Art/Disk Conversion
  • Halftone
  • Scanned Image
  • Image Retouching
  • Coloring Work
  • Color Conversion
  • Cover Process

Line Art


Line art or line drawings consist of distinct straight or curved lines placed against a background, without gradations in shade or hue. These are usually single-color drawings (such as one made with a pen or pencil) with few solid areas and no shading effect other than cross-hatching. 

  • Images are categorized into simple, medium, and complex based on details in the line art images.
  • Images in raster format (line art or line and tone) are redrawn to improve the quality of the images as per printer requirements.
  • Images in vector format are redrawn according to client requirements, including:
    • Changing the font style
    • Resizing to match text area
    • Fixing the stroke, weight, and color (gray/CMYK/PMS/RGB)
    • Fixing patterns or embedded objects to avoid pitstop errors during printing.

Amnet is also able to convert images from 4-color to grayscale and relabel for legibility and/or consistency.

Image Conversion and Processing


A continuous tone image (left) converted to black-and-white. Halftones are created through a process called dithering, in which the density and pattern of black-and-white dots are varied to simulate different shades of gray.

A Halftone Image


Art processing can include one or more of the following:

  • Resizing to fit the text area.
  • Adjusting brightness, contrast, highlight, and shadows
  • Sharpening blurred images
  • Cropping based on design specification or other requirements
  • Masking or other adjustments
  • Extraction from the original document (e.g., Word doc, PDF, PowerPoint, webpage) and conversion to the required format

Image Quality and Color Correction

image retouching

Two processes are followed: retouching and clone stamping

Retouching:  Clearing dust specks and scratches from photographs.

Clone Stamping: Any part of the image that has been lost or damaged is corrected by stamping. Unwanted parts of the images can also be obscured by stamping.

Coloring work


  • Coloring work is done for the gray scale line art images as per the client’s specification.
  • Single color image is converted to CMYK.
  • Selected color is applied in the relevant part of the images.

Color Conversion


Images are converted from a specific color to a required color based on the received specification.

  • Gray image to CMYK
  • CMYK image to PMS
  • Gray image to RGB color image
  • CMYK image to gray image (i.e. single color), etc.

Scanned Image

scanned ImageAn image that is extracted from scanned pages.

  • Images extracted from the scanned pages are processed to improve the quality.
  • Sizing is done to fit into the text area.
  • These images are retouched and cleared for unwanted dust.

Cover image Process


These are small images, logos, and bar codes that appear in the cover.

  • Retouching of the existing cover image
  • Creating the cover image as per the client’s specification
  • Generating barcode and QR code
  • Creating thumbnail cover image for online
  • Creating cover image for online
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