Even during uncertain times

Even during uncertain times

Even during uncertain times



End-to-end Technabled Services

End-to-end Technabled Services

End-to-end Technabled Services


How accessible is your content?

How accessible is your content?

How accessible is your content?



Are you ready with your story?


Amnet is a Technabled Services company. For publishers and content aggregators needing reliable and efficient publishing services, Amnet provides technology-led, end-to-end services and solutions. Amnet’s relationship-centered, customer-obsessed approach provides the client with the certainty of meeting their requirements and provide compelling value. With over 20 years of experience, Amnet addresses the needs of publishers by offering Project Management, Design, Editing, Accessibility, Enrichment, Composition, and Distribution to deliver outputs in all preferred formats.


“People have a need for certainty…It’s a survival instinct"- Tony Robbins.

Certainty drives business value. By boosting competency and expanding capabilities organizations can build the agility needed to actively respond to unprecedented changes and continue to operate successfully. Through dependable partnership, organizations can drive successful outcomes and ensure business stability by serving customers and stakeholders in a consistent and meaningful way.



Amnet has the resources, means, and capability to support its clients at every step during volatile times. Our unwavering commitment towards our clients, people, and responsibilities enable us to deliver certainty, the key to ensuring business continuity and nurturing long-term reliable relationships. We believe that a collaborative relationship can drive sustainable, and profitable business outcomes by delivering certainty.

Certainty Index

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Certainty Index for April 2020

produce stunning publications at 40% lower cost.

Years Of Service

The Amnet team has been and remains a highly valued partner to Springer Publishing Company—knowledgeable, exacting, wonderfully responsive and supportive in all tasks, from epub conversion to huge content processing and quality assessment for our digital platform. Our relationship has grown over the years and will continue to grow as we find new ways to tap into Amnet’s skills and strengths

Joanne Jay, Vice President, Production ─ Springer Publishing

OUP Academic Division has been working with Amnet for many years. Amnet provide data capture services to OUP Academic Division for one of our most complex online products. Although OUP has a general practice not to provide detailed references, I can confirm that OUP has been very satisfied to date with the work performed by Amnet.

Oxford University Press ─ Emma Lonie, Academic Pre-press Supplier Manager

We have been working with Amnet for a number of years, and find their services and staff to be very helpful and responsive to our requirements.

Rory Campbell, Head of Editorial Content ─ A leading publisher of legal information

I have had a professional business relationship with Amnet for over 10 years and they have always shown an admirable commitment to excellence. They are constantly innovating and improving—delivering under tight time constraints despite an incredibly complex specification. I can always count on them to deliver exceptional quality in a timely manner for a fair and competitive price. I can rely on them to tackle new projects and ideas with enthusiasm and expertise.

─ A leading technology company focusing on religious studies

You are a great partner, I can’t think of a way you could be better.

─ A leading on demand publishing company

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent work in redesigning my books for Amazon Kindle. I very much appreciate your efficiency (with superfast response times, consistently coming back to me when promised), your willingness to go the extra mile to provide the best possible product for me and your patience. I would have settled for much less but your insistence on delivering excellence, for the very reasonable original quoted price, was very impressive. I would have no hesitation in recommending you or your company to other people looking for a professional job and excellent value for money, for the creation of files for reading on Kindle and other devices.”

Ian Cross ─ Self Publisher
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