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Seamless collaboration between the publisher, author, and copyeditor is essential to any successful publication. As a publisher, the traditional method of communicating content revisions through email and phone can be cumbersome. In addition to communication woes, there can be challenges in keeping track of the correct version and managing the editorial process. 

Difficulties in maintaining quality control can threaten the integrity of the content, which can, in turn, tarnish your brand image. Publication delays could also occur which can result in loss of revenue.

Presenting EditOn from Amnet – An Online Editor with Workflow

This cloud-based solution helps publishers and other stakeholders to edit, track, and collate content online, thereby reducing turnaround time and ensuring content quality.

Why EditOn

  • Reduce cost: EditOn’s auto-assignment module streamlines the editorial workflow, which can significantly reduce project management costs.
  • Simplify the process: For global publications, localization of English can be an arduous task. EditOn’s built-in language rules and dictionaries, simplify the process.
  • Decrease peer review time: On completion of peer review, EditOn automatically consolidates all comments into a single document and effectively brings down peer review time by 40%.


Features and Benefits

Cloud based—anytime and anywhere

As the application is made available on the cloud, users can access it from anywhere and at any time. The application has an auto-save option within the cloud environment that saves the activity at frequent intervals of time, thus avoiding any loss of data due to loss of Internet connectivity.

Peer review

For academic and STM publishers, EditOn’s peer review feature allows an administrator to assign articles or chapters to any number of peer reviewers who can add comments.

Familiar—closely matches MS Word

All formatting features including tracking changes are very similar to MS Word, thus making both authors and editors feel at ease in using the application. EditOn also has a feature of displaying or hiding tracked changes, which can ease and speed up the editing and revision processes.

Track text-change history all through the editing life cycle

Irrespective of the number of rounds of copyediting or review or author revision, the application is designed to track all changes to the text by any user, thus making it simple to identify and track who did what changes to text and when.

Version control

This unique feature of EditOn allows administrators to retrieve any version of the document. This feature allows the administrator or production editor to retrieve a true copy of the document from any point in its editing life cycle.

Role-based access control

EditOn provides access to the document based on roles. Administrators assign access to users according to the workflow. This feature provides complete control to the administrator or production editor to track or provide access to every individual associated with the editing life cycle as appropriate.

Assignment Module

The production editor or administrator can assign a title or chapter to any user within the system. The copyeditor or reviewer or author logs in using their respective login credentials, and will be able to see which titles or chapters are available for them to work on (through their dashboard or work basket) with the click of a mouse button. 

User Module

This module allows administrators to add copyeditors, reviewers, authors, and so on into the system and to control all users’ access. The administrator can activate or deactivate any user at any time.

eMail Alerts

Automatic email alerts can be programmed by the administrator for all stakeholders. The email alert can be triggered once a title or chapter is assigned or when a title or chapter is claimed for work or when the work is completed, which can be by any user at any stage.

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