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Nov 07, 2019| Chennai, India

Amnet, A Benetech-Approved Vendor!

Amnet and Accessibility

Accessibility helps readers living with a wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological. Users’ engagement with content is maximized when they have the ability to select different font sizes, styles, and colors, use voice synthesis to read text aloud or change the text to Braille. Amnet is committed to addressing accessibility issues and standardizing content across all digital platforms and media for more inclusivity and wider reach. Amnet champions digital equality and provides expertise, implementation, scalability, and compliance with accessibility regulations like ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508; all within your budget.

For companies that need to make their content accessible, Amnet provides born accessible content and also remediates existing content. Amnet helps clients to stay ahead of the curve and take part in enabling digital equality in compliance with regulatory requirements.

We are actively involved in creating awareness among corporates, nonprofit and publishers about the importance of addressing accessibility in publishing. We achieve this mission through our website, email campaigns, newsletters, thought leadership articles in association with Book Industry Study Group (BISG), and blogs. Senior professionals from W.W. Norton and Pearson have shared their thoughts in the form of exclusive interviews published on our website and circulated among top professionals. Our accessibility services include:

  • Accessibility testing
  • Alternative Text Descriptions/MathML
  • Accessible ePUB3, PDF, PPT, Word
  • Subtitles, Closed Captions, Transcription, Audio Sync
  • Website Remediation

To reiterate and accelerate our initiative of digital equality, we have created a not-for-profit Accessibility Resource Center which helps people to learn more about accessibility and utilize “do it yourself” tools for making content accessible.

Benetech Certification

As a recognition of our commitment to accessibility, Benetech, a nonprofit tech company that focuses on developing software for social good, has certified Amnet as an approved accessibility vendor. Benetech certification identifies companies with expertise in adhering to accessible EPUB creation guidelines set by the Global Certified Accessible Consortium. These guidelines are based on standards defined by the W3C and the international publishing community.

Global Certified Accessible

The Global Certified Accessible (GCA) program is the first to certify the accessibility of eBooks, which is particularly critical in today’s education market. Benetech’s GCA has an ambitious goal: to help publishers build “born accessible” content and ensure that everyone has equal access to materials that are critical for education. Benetech’s economical two-stage approach to certification involves accrediting a publisher’s workflow to ensure that all titles produced through that process are accessible from the start.

Benetech’s development of the GCA program is a major milestone for accessibility, Benetech, and the publishing industry. Certification guarantees the quality of accessible content and brings much-needed clarity to the process of creating and procuring accessible content.

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