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Books have a powerful effect on readers, particularly young readers. As a children’s book publisher you are committed to instilling a love of reading at an early age to set the stage for lifelong reading and learning. If you want to produce books that children are inclined to open again and again, you need a partner with creativity, understanding, expertise, and experience in producing books for young readers and expertise with digital content that addresses the growing demands of this generation.

Children's book
children's book Publishing
children's book Publishing
children's book Publishing
children's book Publishing
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With over 19 years of publishing experience, Amnet possesses the technical expertise and skill to support publishers of all types of content, including children’s books. Whether its picture books for early readers, chapter books for middle schoolers, or YA novels, Amnet has your back.

Amnet supports children's book publishers with the following services, and all at reasonable cost:

Read-aloud EPUB

EPUBs compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon, etc.
Audio synchronization of EPUB
AR, VR, and MR
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