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Produce born accessible content and transform existing documents to accessible formats

In this age of advancing technologies, reaching the widest possible audience is a top priority, and catering to the disabled poses a rare opportunity that has not been adequately addressed. According to The Global Economics of Disability Report, the differently-abled community globally is 1.3 Billion and has a disposable income of $6.9 Trillion (57 million in the US with $3 Trillion of disposable income). This avenue not only benefits individuals but also brings into effect the interests of society at large.

1 Billion

people worldwide are living with disabilities

285 Million

worldwide have vision impairments

246 Million

have low vision

39 Million

are blind


people with blindness are aged 50 and above

In both the United States and Europe, governments are mandating change and starting to enforce compliance to Americans with Disabilities Act and WCAG 2.0 (which is upgraded to WCAG 2.1) standards. Amnet champions digital equality and provide expertise, implementation, scalability, and compliance with those accessibility regulations; all within your budget.

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Amnet and Accessibility

Accessibility helps readers living with wide range of disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological. Users’ engagement with content is maximized when they have the ability to select different font sizes, styles, and colors, use voice synthesis to read text aloud, or change text to Braille. At Amnet we are enthusiastically pursuing digital equality, which makes content accessible to all, and we provide expertise, implementation, scalability, and ADA compliance and compliance with federal and international accessibility regulations. We are primed to deliver world class services that will meet accessibility objectives in creating born accessible content as well as transforming existing documents into accessible formats such as accessible EPUB, PDF, Word, PPT, Closed Captioning, Audio Transcription, Accessible websites and much more.

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