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Digital is the buzzword…

EPUB conversion is the most sought after digital conversion format. EPUB’s wide adoption in tablets, smartphones, laptops, and dedicated e-readers makes it the most effective eBook format in the world.

Amnet offers high quality EPUB conversion, defined conversion processes, and market-leading conversion and QC tools.

We offer a complete solution for the print and digital delivery of content that adheres to industry standards, and we have extensive experience in handling complex, high-volume work for leading publishers. We use any input format to create EPUB output files such as optimized EPUB3, enhanced EPUB, fixed-layout EPUB, Kindle fixed-layout KF8 and enhanced fixed-layout EPUB.

Amnet is

  • one of sixteen global iBooks conversion and delivery houses approved by Apple
  • an Amazon-recognized EPUB conversion and delivery house

Input and Output Formats


  • Reflowable EPUB/MOBI conversion
  • Fixed-layout format for Apple
  • Fixed-layout format for Kindle
  • Fixed-layout format for Nook
  • Web-ready PDF
  • Interactive and enhanced EPUB
  • E-books QA service
  • PDF to Word conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • Flash to HTML5 conversion

Quick Facts

EPUB Formats
Reading Platform
1 Optimized EPUB3 Includes reflowable text along with images, tables, links, etc. All e-book reading devices/ platforms
2 Enhanced EPUB Includes reflowable text  along with images, tables, links, etc. It also includes audio and video elements. Apple iPad/iPhone, Kindle app for iPad, Nook Tablet, Kobo Tablet, Kindle HD Tablet and other devices
3 Fixed-layout-EPUB Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source. Apple iPad/iPhone, Nook Tablet, Kobo Tablet, and other devices (except Kindle)
4 Kindle fixed-layout KF8 Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source. Kindle devices
5 Enhanced fixed-layout-EPUB Used for “print PDF” output. It retains the rich layout as per the source and also includes interactive elements such as audio, video, JavaScript, SMIL integration, etc. Apple iPad/iPhone, KOBO Tablet and other fully EPUB3 supported devices/reading applications

Our E-book Capabilities

  • Accessibility support
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • Rich layout of other print media (magazines, newspapers)
  • Cross-linking capabilities for content integration (embedding PDF and other media)
  • Multimedia and enhanced e-books (rich media)
  • Global languages including Japanese and Chinese
  • Interacts optimally with languages such as SVG and JavaScript
  • MathML