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We provide typesetting through LaTeX and InDesign. Our XML workflow can be customized according to client preference. Amnet understands the various options in XML workflows (XML First and XML Last) and is familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each. This knowledge helps us to implement client preferences or suggest the best option to them.

We offer LaTeX and InDesign typesetting.

Multilingual Typesetting

Amnet’s compositors are adept at typesetting many languages other than English, including French, Spanish, and other romance languages; German; Hebrew; Latin; Greek; and Chinese.

Areas of Expertise

  • STM books and journals
  • Trade books
  • Education
  • Children’s books
  • Reference books

We offer

  • Specialized teams to create designs based on specifications
  • Modification of existing application files
  • Creating templates from hardcopy
  • Bespoke design based on text contents
  • EPUB and POD conversion of backlist hardcopy