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Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

At Amnet, technology is at the core of our pursuit of excellence. With a full-fledged technology team whose collective experience encompasses over 25 years in creating solutions for the publishing industry, we precisely understand your needs. We are sensitive to your priorities and apply our programming expertise and business understanding in creating solutions that help you overcome challenges and achieve tangible benefits like increased efficiency, faster throughput, and prudent cost management.


OneSolution - End-to-End Production Application

With a profound understanding of technology, Amnet has created OneSolution, an End-to-End Production Platform with Digital/XML First/Born Accessible Workflow, which increases productivity and lowers the cost of production. This automation also reduces the need for manual quality control measures thereby saving on overhead and reducing overall delivery time. Due to the use of automation, the output quality exceeds expectations. Depending on the complexity of the workflow, Amnet’s tools can be offered as fully automated or semi-automated initially for a few workflows, which allows the publisher to take control of the conversion process. As we possess vast experience in the publishing domain, working with various publishers from across the globe, we understand industry-specific pain points and act as a consulting partner to our clients, suggesting industry best practices to enrich the production cycle and offer prudent cost management.