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University presses have their work cut out for them with the growing demands of a complex industry and increasingly sophisticated and diverse readership. Digital publishing is the order of the day and publishers must produce digitized content that caters to an omnichannel market. In addition, there is the fiscal and the ethical need to address disabled end users by making content accessible across digital channels. Other challenges include the emergence of open access as a viable publishing model and an increased need to make content discoverable.

It is helpful for university presses to partner with end-to-end service providers who understand these market dynamics, are driven by technology, and are equipped with a smart digital strategy to maximize content consumption.

Why Amnet?

With over 18 years of experience in the publishing domain, Amnet has extensive experience in working with prominent university presses including Indiana University Press, Princeton University Press, Temple University Press, University of Chicago Press, and Oxford University Press. We realize the need for discoverability and multichannel delivery of scholarly content, and provide a robust digital strategy that can boost revenues.

Amnet practices Smartshoring®, an amalgamation of the best features of onshore and offshore services with the objective of efficient processes, prudent cost management, and enhanced service delivery.

Amnet is a Technabled Services company offering end-to-end publishing services or specific services based on need, which lends flexibility to the customer.

We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for university presses:

Project Management |EditingAccessibilityDesignEnrichmentCompositionDistribution

Outputs are delivered in most preferred formats, including XML/HTML 5, Print/Web PDF, EPUB3/Mobi, and Accessible EPUB/PDF/Word/PPT. These services are interlaced with superior technology solutions that have been engineered with input from publishing professionals by following an XML-first workflow to improve output quality, save time, and decrease cost. Our solutions include EditOn, an online editor with workflow, OneSolution, an end-to-end automated production solution, and AcuMeta, a metadata management and distribution platform.

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