Digital Accessibility: A Business Case for Building an Inclusive Brand Promise and Generating Commercial Value

Apart from exploring the necessity of creating a more inclusive digital world, this whitepaper sheds light on the business aspect of accessibility. Companies of all stripes can derive incredible business value if they truly embrace digital accessibility. It ensures inclusivity, reduces the risk of noncompliance and litigation cost, strengthens brand value and loyalty, extends market reach, and above all, drives deeper engagement. This paper discusses why companies need to rethink their approach to accessibility and how it presents a strong business value proposition that should not be ignored.

The paper also compels us to look beyond the legal compliance aspect of accessibility and focus on the business opportunity it entails. Ensuring accessibility enhances the opportunity of branding, gives space for better innovation and usability of digital platforms, extends market reach by including people with disabilities and aging people into its spectrum of audience, improves one’s brand’s visibility and discoverability, and delivers significant financial benefits. 

Download the whitepaper to understand why digital accessibility is not just a legal necessity but is imperative in ensuring better reach and expansion of our businesses. This whitepaper further discusses:

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