Marketing Services

Marketing Services

There are many pitfalls a publisher often faces, such as lackluster creative production that makes for poor engagement or convoluted content that makes it difficult for readers and authors to follow the text. Amnet addresses these roadblocks you encounter in publishing by providing a top-notch content and creative production team. Our services are competent, with quick TATs, high quality, dynamic formats, and industry-standard pricing.

Content Writing

Thoughtful content is conducive to generating profit and clients

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Brand Awareness​

The power of a brand is in the feeling it evokes in people when it is mentioned

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Digital Marketing

We live in the digital era, where traditional avenues of marketing have almost become obsolete

Conference Materials
Create A Great Impression With Eye-Catching Conference Materials

Conference materials have a major impact on the overall event. At Amnet, we offer complete creative support right from designing the layout to creating print-ready copies of these materials for any type or size of event. Whether you need materials designed for conventions, trade shows, or business conferences, we can help deliver beautifully designed print-ready copies within your timeline and budget.

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Getting traction in social media channels is a difficult process, but a great strategy can help you succeed

In the last few years, we have seen an increasing adoption of all forms of social media. Businesses are currently concentrating on getting a leg-up and attracting potential consumers from these avenues;financia; however, success lies in the ROI from social media. Having an experienced partner at your side can be a boon in social media marketing. Amnet, as a business partner, creates designs for various social media platforms, such as banners, stories, posts, and ad layouts, to help businesses gain traction on social media.

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Experiences optimize audience engagement with moving content and audiovisual content

Amnet’s creative production services can develop photorealistic 3D imagery that can be viewed from any perspective and that is compatible with any environment. We also support companies in their distribution across multiple channels and in setting up a completely integrated solution to handle the entire postproduction pipeline. Additionally, we also provide support for creating raw footage for broadcast-ready master film and other video collaterals like corporate videos, TV commercials, motion graphics, and animations. We understand what it takes to keep audiences engaged in your content and are passionate about everything that moves on screen.

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Effective communication channels allow brands to be relatable

The allure of podcasts is that it serves our ever active on-the-go lifestyle. Podcasting helps companies carry their message forward anywhere at any time. It helps us place products and highlight services modularly with maximum effectiveness. Amnet can help with the following services for podcast: Transcripts for content along with captions that play in sync with the podcast for people with hearing disabilities, audio descriptions of visual information for visually challenged audiences, translation services to subtitle your videos in a variety of languages.

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Inform, and engage with visually dynamic financial reports

We understand that a company’s financial report plays a key role in the overall business communication strategy. And that is why financial reports should be designed in such a way so as to promote confidence and trust in your stakeholders (i.e., be visually appealing and impressive). At Amnet, our team of graphic designers brings years of experience in publishing a range of corporate communication and reports. We offer complete publishing support right from designing the layout to creating print-ready copies of your company’s financial report for production/publishing. Our team can help create print-ready, visually dynamic financial reports designed to reflect your brand or organization’s style, tone, and image.

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A good employment manual can pave the way for improved employee retention

Recruitment is a labor-intensive and costly process; it is always important for a company to retain a prospective employee after a long and arduous recruitment cycle. An employment manual/handbook effectively communicates brand identity, the corporate work culture, and organizational policies to new recruits. We provide multiple options for producing comprehensive employment manuals that are copyedited and creative and technically sound with original designs, multiple options for layout and typesetting, and a diverse choice of infographics

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Generating sales and making conversions are at the core of any good business, and we make that possible

While marketing focuses on brand building, advertising focuses on leading sales for profit. There are important questions to frame before you advertise. Who are my target buyers? How do I reach them? How can we make effective conversions? Most companies that have successful advertising campaigns manage to answer all these questions. Amnet has a legacy of supporting companies to make successful advertising campaigns that drive sales and retain customer loyalty. We are experienced in designing ads for both print and digital media.

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Newsletters keep your customers in the loop, while an attractive email campaign can popularize your brand and services and bring new leads for conversion

A newsletter is a key part of any marketing communication strategy regardless of the business or industry vertical. Engaging your stakeholders and establishing ongoing relationships are the only ways to build loyalty. In addition to letting people know about upcoming events, announcing special services, or preventing them from missing CSR initiatives, newsletters are a powerful strategy for brand awareness, engagement, and marketing. In an era when messages pour in from all directions every day, if you want your newsletter design to stand out, it must be different and engaging. We ensure your newsletter and email campaigns are unique and compelling in terms of design and content by going beyond template-based designs that rarely yield results.

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Listening helps us absorb knowledge; an audiobook increases our phonemic awareness significantly

Audiobooks are more popular now than ever before; reading requires more effort than simply listening to content. Listening is the first means by which we are introduced to books; it is the first means by which many of us develop our imagination and inculcate skills of comprehension, pronunciation, and even fluency in language. Audiobooks help us to the same effect, as they optimize our time and minimize our effort to just listening; We provide various services that can can help you produce world-class audiobooks.

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Establish a brand voice that creates an identity individual to your company

What separates you from your competitors? This is something that most consumers look at before forming a partnership or association with a company and is therefore an important question. We aim to make you stand out from the competition by creating a visual identity and brand strategy that best highlight your brand’s voice. With effective branding, we can help you build trust and loyalty, which in turn can help elevate customer retention and profit margin.

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Physical correspondence via direct mail is a personal way to get noticed by customers and generate business

Direct mails are a demographic-based form of marketing strategy that focuses on directly communicating with potential consumers. Many companies promote this style of marketing with original custom-made collaterals like self-mailers, catalogs, letters, dimensional mailers, and flyers. Amnet can provide copyedited collaterals with original artwork and infographics that boast focused and creative design, typesetting, and layout

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In the last fiscal quarter, most movies and TV shows have shown significant improvement in viewership at an OOH advert campaign

Reaching people in public places and placing products are effective methods of generating reactions, and the improved popularity always leads sales forward. Out-of-home adverts can be either traditional or digital now, with both options in use in billboards, posters, and mass transit placards as the standard for generating interest in new products and services. Amnet leads the way in creating layouts for large displays and signages in bus/train shelters.

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We provide digital signages to enhance customer service, which in turn helps to translate content, distribute information, and promote products and services.

Creating live product placements and having active digital displays are now a standard practice to get customers in through the door. Amnet aims at promoting brands through such technologies as LEDs and projections to display advertising and informational content such as digital images, videos, and streaming media. We help with creating layouts for digital ads/signages that translate to a brand voice.

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Language is no longer a detriment to providing services or catering products to the world

You have the world at your fingertips and can now get all the services you need delivered remotely, irrespective of geographical barriers. Our translation services aim at bridging any gaps a publisher faces in conveying their content ideas to the world; we provide translation services for a multitude of diverse languages. We include audio transcription services, caption production, and translation. Contact us to know if we support your language.

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