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Welcome to Amnet, an end-to-end technabled publishing solutions provider.

Amnet is a preferred partner of Ingram to provide high-quality conversion services for global publishers. We bring over 20 years of extensive domain experience across legacy formats, and this enables us to deliver bespoke services designed to help our publishing clients effectively reach their target audience with better accessibility and reading ease.

By combining cutting-edge technology platforms, industry best practices, and stringent quality assurance, we enable our clients to meet the evolving and rapidly growing need and demand for content delivery, digital accessibility, and omnichannel reading experiences.

Using our comprehensive conversion framework with an array of modular and smart features, we produce and deliver high-quality digital content to best suit the requirements of our clients. From MS Word and PDF to XML and HTML5, including JATS, DocBook, NLM, PRISM, BITS, TFB, Standard DTDs and Proprietary DTDs, we help digitize your content, optimize its compatibility with devices, and maximize its discoverability. We truly enable multiformat, multichannel conversions.

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An end-to-end technabled solutions partner


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Amnet Certainty Index

We are committed to supporting our clients in this VUCA world. We are continually reengineering our risk management and business continuity plans to adapt, effectively respond to any crisis, and deliver at scale. To measure our performance across parameters that are critical to clients, we have created an index: the certainty index. The certainty index denotes our performance across a unified set of parameters and metrics key to each of our clients and is computed on a monthly basis.

Accessibility – Engage with all audiences

With the internet becoming the primary source of communication, entertainment, commerce, and information, digital accessibility is important to ensure that people with disabilities are not excluded and have unfettered digital access.

At Amnet, we understand that providing unrestricted access to digital content to every user is a key business objective. We help clients to stay ahead of the curve and take part in enabling digital equality in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Our Smartshoring™ model offers our clients the flexibility and choice of onshore or offshore resources backed by strategic global partnerships across multiple geographies.

The unique advantage of Smartshoring™ is that we bring the best of both worlds, maximizing process efficiency and production while reducing cost and turnaround time. Our clients benefit from the commercial value; flexible resources; speed to market; clear, concise communication; and unparalleled quality.

Why Amnet ?

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