Full-Service Publishing

Full-Service Publishing

The publishing industry is experiencing upheaval caused by digitization, the omnipresence of social media, and multiplatform content consumption.

This digital disruption has compelled publishers to embrace technological advances and look for faster, adaptable, and cost-effective publishing solutions to stay ahead of the rising competition.

At the crossroads of rapidly changing technology and remaining profitable, publishers increasingly seek a partner who understands the market dynamics and offers efficient technology-driven solutions.

And that's where we come in! Partner with Amnet to harness the power of technabled, innovative, and customized publishing solutions.

Why Amnet ?


An end-to-end technabled solutions partner


20 years of expertise and experience


Financial stability


Adherence to global compliance standards


Customer obsession


Delivering certainty




Leadership and people practices


Business continuity


Enablers of digital transformation

Our Services

Choose our full-service; just bring your manuscript and leave the rest to us.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for publishers across the product development life cycle that encompasses content creation, project management, enrichment, accessibility, editing, design, composition, and distribution.

Not interested in opting for all the services? Then choose from a broad spectrum of a-la-carte solutions that are specially curated to cater to different content needs and publishing sectors.

Project Management

Ensure editorial excellence, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth by leveraging our end-to-end project management services.


We offer editorial services that polish and elevate your content to touch your audience.


Capture attention, appeal to your target market, and drive your sales through beautiful book designs.

Content Enrichment

Enrich your content to add value, achieve strategic business goals, and increase user experience.


We blend advanced technology and professional expertise to offer a full range of composition services for publishers.


Access, review, and deliver any file type to a wide range of distribution channels through Amnet’s AcuMeta platform.


Amnet provides a comprehensive suite of web accessibility services that remediates existing content but also creates born-accessible content.

Peer Review

Research publishing is complex, and the peer review process plays a key role in the selection and publication of a research manuscript.

Our services are interlaced with superior technology solutions that follow an XML-first workflow to improve output quality, decrease cost, and save time.

  • Introduce efficiency and streamline your content with EditOn, our cloud-based online editor with workflow.
  • Manage various publishing processes efficiently with OneSolution, our end-to-end intelligent and comprehensive automated production solution.
  • Enhance the correction and proofing process of your workflows with ProofOn, our page proofing tool.
  • Remove redundancies and increase process efficiency with AcuMeta, our cloud-based metadata management and distribution platform.
  • Choose Amnet to leverage Smartshoring®, a unique and cost-effective delivery model.

Benefits of Technabled Services

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