About You

About You

Acquiring content, publishing and marketing it is the very foundation of your business as a publisher. Whether you publish fiction or nonfiction; cater to the scientific, legal, or trade fraternity; or create content for corporate, financial, or educational institutions, you relentlessly focus on creating and publishing content that is relevant and of great value to your target audience.

Your reader-centric focus is reflected in every piece of content, and pre-media services is an essential yet non-core part of your publishing cycle. This is accentuated by aggressive competition, the immense amount of content published annually, and evolving reader expectations. To deliver compelling, meaningful, and attractive content to your target audience, you need to ensure superior editorial quality and innovative, eye-catching design.

Amnet understands your deep commitment to your readers and obligation to authors and other stakeholders as you continually strive to meet the escalating demand for distinct content and an omnichannel reading experience. We know that you are working toward tapping into new opportunities to create new revenue streams and engage with your readers through custom publishing and content marketing.

Amnet specializes in delivering certainty-driven, professional publishing services backed by our in-depth industry knowledge, digital resources, and technology expertise. Our deep commitment to client success and focus on value-based outcomes enable us to deliver certainty even in the most challenging and volatile times.