What We Do

Accessible EPUB3/PDF/Word/PPT

Amnet remediates PDF, EPUB3, Word, and PPT to globally compliant accessible formats.

Alternative Text Descriptions

Amnet's subject matter experts provide text alternatives for any nontext content so that it can be changed into other accessible formats.


We follow the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) guidelines for MathML.

Subtitles and Closed Captions

Amnet has specialized teams to deliver subtitles and closed captions that can aid comprehension in a variety of ways by assisting with comprehension of accents, quick dialogues, or other linguistic barriers.

Transcription/Audio Sync

We offer transcription of audio, proofreading the transcribed text against the spoken audio, and syncing of audio and transcribed text.

Podcast Transcription

We can help with a variety of services for podcast for people with hearing disabilities and visually challenged audiences.

Accessibility Metadata

Amnet offers accessibility metadata services which contains information such as access mode, accessibility features, accessibility hazards, accessibility controls, and accessibility application program interface.

Accessibility Testing

We can do accessibility accessibility testing which is a subset of Usability Testing and it is performed to ensure that the application being tested is usable by people with disabilities.

Website Remediation

Amnet audits your website and provides a comprehensive plan for making the site accessible to all.

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Our Focus on Accessibility

We are actively involved in creating awareness among corporates, nonprofit and publishers about the importance of addressing accessibility in publishing. We achieve this mission through our website, email campaigns, newsletters, thought leadership articles in association with Book Industry Study Group (BISG), and blogs. Senior professionals from W.W. Norton and Pearson have shared their thoughts in the form of exclusive interviews published on our website and circulated among top professionals.

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Championing Digital Equality

At Amnet we are enthusiastically pursuing digital equality, which makes content accessible to all, and we provide expertise, implementation, scalability, and ADA compliance and compliance with federal and international accessibility regulations.

Benetech Approved Accessible vendor

As a recognition of our commitment to accessibility, Benetech, a nonprofit tech company that focuses on developing software for social good, has certified Amnet as an approved accessibility vendor. Benetech certification identifies companies with expertise in adhering to accessible EPUB creation guidelines set by the Global Certified Accessible Consortium.

Accessibility Resource Center

To accelerate our initiative of digital equality, we have created a not-for-profit Accessibility Resource Center. Users access this portal to utilize free and valuable “do it yourself” tools and to stay abreast of the latest guidelines.

About us

Amnet Solution

We are primed to deliver world-class services that will meet accessibility objectives in creating born accessible content as well as transforming existing documents into accessible formats such as accessible EPUB, PDF, Word, PPT, Closed Captioning, Audio Transcription, Accessible websites and much more. Amnet helps clients to address the legal compliance requirements for content accessibility, which are well documented and becoming more widely enforced, and also encourage them to address the ethical need to bring a meaningful social change in this area.


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