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Amnet provides composition services to top-tier publishers around the world. We accept any input, from printed books to LaTeX and InDesign files, and can provide a wide range of file formats, from printer PDFs to accessible EPUB.

Our XML workflow can be customized according to client preference. Amnet is familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each process (XML first, XML last, etc.). This knowledge helps us to implement client preferences or help them to identify the best option.

Multilingual Typesetting

Amnet’s compositors are adept at typesetting many languages other than English, including French, Spanish, and other romance languages; German; Hebrew; Latin; Greek; and Chinese. We also offer translation services for the above languages and can translate text into Arabic.

Areas of Expertise

  • STEM books and journals
  • Trade books
  • Educational materials
  • Children’s books
  • Reference books

We offer

  • Specialized teams to create designs based on specifications
  • Modification of existing application files
  • Creating templates from hardcopy
  • Bespoke design based on text contents
  • EPUB and POD conversion of backlist hardcopy

QA Services

Amnet provides third-party QA services for various types of deliverables. We focus on mitigating defects, improving the accuracy and consistency of content, and ensuring that all deliverables comply with our clients’ guidelines.


Amnet has developed an InDesign QC tool based on JavaScript to identify the most common errors missed or introduced during composition.


The InDesign QC tool can be applied during pagination and quality checks.  This is a comprehensive tool with 33 check points. Benefits include:

  • Identification and correction of errors during pagination.
  • Time-saving at the QC stage.
  • Fully customizable to accommodate client- or project-specific specifications

Typesetting—Layout QA

Amnet has built a typesetting QA team of analytical and technical experts who are capable of quick error detection. This team is equipped with in-house tools and exhaustive checklists to facilitate adherence to the client’s guidelines and layout testing standards.

eBook Testing

Amnet delivers a self-regulating third-party quality assurance service along with eBook conversion services. We have developed an array of validation tools that can be applied to our clients’ eBook files. Reports are provided as screenshots and brief descriptions along with statistical representations.


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