Associate Project Manager

Associate Project Manager

  1. What was your job role when you joined Amnet, and since then, how have you evolved as a professional?

I have been associated with Amnet for the last 12 years. Since my joining here in 2007, I have experienced consistent professional growth and have been blessed with several learning opportunities. Starting from scratch as a quality assurance professional, I gradually got opportunities to work in multiple capacities. I have come a long way from handling a team to working at middle management to finally being promoted to senior management levels.

  1. How did Amnet originate, and who was behind its origination? What products and services did it offer during its inception period?

We bettered our business approach immensely in terms of planning over the years. The planning structure has evolved to a great extent since Amnet’s inception, which has further led to increased efficiency and improved delivery mechanisms. Better planning and outsourcing many services since 2013 have reduced our turnaround time from 48 hours to 24 hours. This has further resulted in a 10 percent growth of opportunities and has enabled us to handle 6,000–7,000 more books annually.

  1. What have been the major trends and changes at Amnet since your joining the company?

Since its inception, the company has been continually growing and evolving and has expanded its reach and base geographically. One of the significant changes that I witnessed during my tenure was the shifting of data entry services to the Vellore office.

  1. How has Amnet’s customer base evolved over the years?

Standing by our motto of customer obsession, the customer has been at the center of attention in all our major business decisions. We have always given prime importance to the feedback, demands, and expectations of our customers. Our sincere and continuous efforts to fulfill their expectations have led to the expansion and adoption of new technologies, which has eventually contributed to our growth as a company.

  1. Why do our customers trust us?

A quick turnaround time, on-time delivery assurance, and quality are some of the reasons our customers trust us. We have a team of highly skilled, committed, and responsible professionals who excel in project and client management and never let customers down.

  1. Who are our biggest competitors? And what did we do better than them?

In just a span of two decades, Amnet has made a name for itself and is counted among the top publishing services companies globally. And this had been made possible due to our undivided focus on our customers. We value our partners, respect our counterparts, and take pride in our motto of customer obsession and strive to focus on these values instead of putting our efforts into any competition.

  1. What makes Amnet different from its competitors? What is our unique selling proposition (USP)?

The efforts Amnet puts into the learning and training of its employees is its USP, and it helps in the mutual growth of the company and its staff members.

  1. What makes you feel happy to work for this company?

Amnet gives me the right work-life balance, providing equal opportunities for professional growth and job satisfaction. Healthy work culture is this company’s biggest asset, which is every professional’s dream.

  1. What was the best period of your services in Amnet so far?

Although I have always enjoyed working here, the time since 2013 has been the best for me personally due to the adoption of a more strategic and planned business approach. We saw a steep increase in efficiency, our client base, and overall growth during this period, leading to higher learning and job satisfaction.

  1. What are the most significant achievements or accomplishments of Amnet?

Building a loyal customer base over the years has been the most significant accomplishment of Amnet.

  1. Share about your team’s approach toward you and toward work.

My team and my seniors have been a continuous source of inspiration and learning for me. They have been immensely kind and supportive in my professional and personal growth. With my team, the work seems less like work and more like fun.

  1. Describe Amnet in five words.
  • Work-life balance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Mutual growth
  • Good work culture
  • Learning
  1. Where would you like to see Amnet in the next 10 years?

I hope Amnet reaches greater heights and opens many more branches, creating more opportunities and serving many more clients in the future.