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Digital Accessibility—No Longer an Afterthought

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Time: 11:30 a.m. EST
Duration: 60 Minutes
Amnet—a Technabled Publishing Solutions company with over 20 years of experience in the publishing domain—champions digital accessibility. And this year, to celebrate GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day), we bring you an informative webinar, titled “Digital Accessibility—No Longer an Afterthought,” by Charles LaPierre, principal, accessibility standards, and technical lead, Global Certified Accessible, Benetech. The webinar will be moderated by Frances Daniele, director of accessibility and key relationships, Amnet.

What to Expect from the Webinar

This free-to-attend webinar serves as a guide for web accessibility. This webinar talks about the following:

About the Speaker – Charles LaPierre

Charles LaPierre is principal, accessibility standards, and technical lead, Global Certified Accessible, Benetech. Charles has over 25 years of accessibility development experience and has been a pioneer in accessible product development since 1993. Charles is currently a member of the following W3C working groups: Publishing Working Group, MathML Refresh, ARIA, and APA/Personalization Task Force, as well as a member of the EPUB3 W3C Community Group, and cochair of the Accessibility Metadata W3C Community Group. Charles is the technical architect of the new Global Certified Accessible (GCA) initiative at Benetech to certify publisher content as conforming to the EPUB 1.0 Accessibility Specification. Charles has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
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Amnet and Accessibility

Amnet is a Technabled services company with over 20 years of experience. For companies that need to make their content accessible, Amnet provides born-accessible content and also remediates existing content. We help clients stay ahead of the curve and enable digital equality in compliance with global regulatory requirements such as ADA, WCAG, Section 508, and EAA. Amnet is a Benetech-certified accessible vendor.