ProofOn – Author Page Proofing

ProofOn – Author Page Proofing


In the author proofing process, seamless collaboration between the author and the compositor is crucial for a successful publication. Conventionally, PDFs are sent back and forth between compositors and authors for annotating corrections/comments and implementing them in the pagination process. This consumes a lot of time and delays the publishing process.

Typical Challenges Authors and Publishers Face

Challenges in incorporating author corrections include:

  1. 30% additional time spent in implementing multiple iterations
  2. ambiguity in comprehending corrections
  3. deploying  too many resources
  4. delay in the overall publishing process

ProofOn Highlights

ProofOn is a novel solution to organize and enhance the proofing and corrections process for XML-first/digital-first workflows. This platform allows authors to insert corrections on the live files. The corrections are synchronized into the pagination application instantaneously.

What's Unique About ProofOn

Automatic cross-references: ProofOn automatically renumbers and relinks bibliography references when there are additions or deletions.

Instantaneous display of corrected version: The author can instantaneously view the revised text.

Benefits of ProofOn

Speed to Market