Senior Team Lead

Senior Team Lead

  1. What was your job role when you joined Amnet, and since then, how have you evolved as a professional?

I started my journey with Amnet almost 12 years ago in 2007 as an operator in conversion services. I have been associated with Amnet since it was a 500-employee company, and its employee strength has now doubled to 1,000 employees. From an operator, I was promoted to the role of an executive, within six months of which, I was promoted as a team leader. During my professional journey, I worked in multiple capacities like handing the EPUB division, employee reports, QA/vendor handling, and client feedback. I believe I have come a long way in these many years and have experienced abundant professional growth and satisfaction, which could not have been possible without the trust and support that Amnet has shown me.

  1. How was Amnet when you joined? What products and services did it offer during its inception period?

Amnet began its operations 20 years back in 2000, with a handful of people, including our managing director, Mr. Aashish Agarwaal. It started as a data service provider in T. Nagar, providing multiple services like DCPOD—data capturing, POD, Photoshop, typesetting, prepress, TIF to PDF conversion, and XML services.

  1. What have been the major trends and changes at Amnet since your joining the company?

I have seen Amnet continuously growing and evolving in terms of technology. Right from the work processes to employee and client management, Amnet has kept itself abreast of the technological changes in the industry from time to time. From shifting from manual ADMS tools to biometrics, paper to computerized work processes, manual to online proofreading, and adoption of SAP-based business operations to the overall organization of workflow and business processes, Amnet has grown and set a benchmark as a technabled publishing company.

  1. How has Amnet’s customer base evolved over the years?

Taking pride in our motto of being customer obsessed, Amnet focused on adding more services to its existing list to fulfill the demands of its old clients and potential new ones. Though we deeply value our current customer base, we are looking forward to having more onboard, and that’s why we are not restricting our services to what we have currently.

  1. Why do our customers trust us?

Cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction, a quick turnaround time, commitment, and our passion for keeping ourselves technologically adept are some of the reasons why our customers trust us. Moreover, over the last 20 years, since inception, with our relationship-centered and customer-obsessed approach, we have provided certainty even during times of crisis, strengthening our customers’ faith in us further.

  1. What makes Amnet different from its competitors? What is our unique selling proposition (USP)?

The healthy work environment, individual professional growth, no layoff culture, and innovation.

  1. What makes you feel happy to work for this company?

Exposure, consistent growth, my seniors’ trust in my abilities, and a fun work culture make me happy working here. The culture of mutual respect and trust makes me feel valued and enables me to attain the perfect work-life balance.

  1. What was the best period of your services at Amnet so far?

Although every new day is filled with new promises and opportunities, as an employee here, I am continually evolving. I enjoyed my tenure from 2010 to 2013 the most. During this period, the company secured many new projects, eventually resulting in an exceptional growth for all teams.

  1. What are the biggest achievements or accomplishments at Amnet? 

The implementation of CVM and QA models.

  1. Share about your team’s approach toward you and toward work.

I have always been appreciated and encouraged by my team members for the good work I have done. Besides sharing a very healthy professional relationship, I share an equally friendly personal bond with my team members. It is only because of their constant support and help that I have been able to happily work at Amnet for so long.

  1. Describe Amnet in five words.
  • An excellent place to work
  • Satisfactory income
  • Promising career and professional growth
  • Life-changing experience
  • No micromanagement
  1. Where would you like to see Amnet in the next 10 years?

The way Amnet is performing, I can say with complete confidence that it will grow immensely. I can see the expansion of business plans in terms of services and geography, along with considerable growth in its customer base and brand name. I hope Amnet will be the provider of many more future growth opportunities.