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Accelerate Time-to-Market and Reduce Cost with Print-On-Demand Solutions

The impact of digital technologies on publishing and distribution has been highly significant. The emergence of self-publishing and eBooks have leveled the playing field, allowing authors and non-traditional publishers to reach consumers directly. While the demand for eBooks are on the rise,  printed books are also very much in demand. There are many readers who still prefer the tactile feel of a physical print book. As a publisher, you certainly do not want to miss out on a large section of potential readers who prefer a physical book over the e-reader. However, printing and storing large quantities of book is not always feasible.

This is where print-on-demand (POD) can help you. It offers great flexibility and control to digitally print books on demand to fulfill orders as received. POD is a game-changer that is democratizing the publishing industry. It eliminates the need for any up-front cost for printing and warehousing the inventory of unsold copies while offering a perfect printing solution to the evolving and diverse publishing landscape.

Print-On-Demand Services at Affordable Price

Advanced POD facility with cutting-edge technology backed by diverse and in-depth publishing capabilities, position Amnet as one of the leading print-on-demand service providers. Amnet is equipped to fulfill all your book printing demands. We have the right tools to deliver a range of print options at an affordable cost.

We have been working with both self-publishing authors and publishers, providing cost-effective and relevant print solutions designed to meet their unique publishing and distribution needs. Our comprehensive range of POD services for both paperback as well as hardcover books, helps you choose and customize options you need to print your books, your way.  

Why Amnet for POD Services

Gain speed, control, and convenience by printing books to order whether it is one copy or 1000 copies. Key benefits you realize with our POD services include: 

Variety galore

A huge range of book formats, trim sizes, color, and binding types offer a wide selection of print options making it easy for you to choose the look and finish you prefer.

No overhead costs

Since you need not store unsold copies you eliminate the cost of managing inventory. You pay for the print when they are ordered.

Extended market reach

With quick and efficient printing ability you can target and reach a whole new segment of readers who prefer physical books, maximizing exposure, sales, and profitability.

Easy customization and updates

Since copies are printed as required, as an author you have greater flexibility and control to update or tweak your manuscript for subsequent new copies as needed. 

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