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Publishing companies need to maintain a multitude of metadata, several times exceeding 500 elements. Traditionally data are maintained across several spreadsheets because of the enormity of data and the challenge of judiciously providing access to relevant members. This practice comes with a plethora of drawbacks such as an increase in data redundancy, difficulty in data recovery, issues in maintaining data integrity, and cumbersome report generation process. The only alternative is perhaps a CMS which is often considered expensive and difficult to maintain.

Typical Challenges

  1. Too much of time and effort is wasted in maintaining volumes of metadata across multiple spreadsheets
  2. No access control and user privilege in accessing spreadsheets
  3. No tracking and alerting of approaching milestones
  4. Excessive time consumption in generating required metadata for resellers, aggregators, etc.

The Amnet Solution

By leveraging its technology expertise, Amnet aims to improve process efficiency and remove redundancies by creating a centralized cloud-based platform - AcuMeta, that stores all metadata in a single repository and provides an authentication/role based access feature that prevents misuse of sensitive information. There is also a search function that helps retrieve specific information on titles in a quick time.

The AcuMeta platform is best suited for publishers and aggregators. It offers a host of useful features like tracking changes in delivery schedule and automatically triggering alerts to respective stakeholders, measuring deviations on publication dates and sending alerts, tracking print stocks, generating reports at the click of a button, and more. AcuMeta can be enhanced to deliver eBooks (ePub, PDF, Mobi, etc.) bundled with the required metadata as a package to various resellers and track their deliveries. What’s more, the platform can be customized to suit specific client requirements.

AcuMeta Benefits

  • AcuMeta helps you save up to 50% of the administrative time (maintaining, managing, tracking, and alerting metadata across multiple spreadsheets with different stakeholders).
  • Save on license cost for MS Excel
  • Confidentiality of data and reports ensured through authentication/role based access
  • Affordable, one time development cost
  • Enduring support from Amnet to enable easy addition of new features
  • Negligible hosting and maintenance cost (annual)
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Enduring support from Amnet to enable easy addition of new features

AcuMeta Highlights

Cloud based - access from any location

Unified organization of metadata

Alerts when key fields are modified 

Custom developed analytics

View and edit options

Search function

Unlimited users

Choice of in-house or third party hosting options

AcuMeta Distribution

AcuMeta users can access, review, and deliver any file type to a wide range of distribution channels. Click here to know more.

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