5 Tips for Indie Authors

[Approximate Reading Time : 4 mins]

Indie authors can work, write, and publish with freedom that corporately affiliated writers simply don’t enjoy. Consider these tips for getting your work to an audience and thriving as an indie writer:

  1. Leverage your freedom. You might think that the absence of a book deal or publishing contract is a disadvantage, but it gives you the opportunity to find the best publishing option.

    Be flexible with expectations. Too many indie authors expect E. L. James levels of success and are subsequently disappointed by modest returns. Success rarely happens overnight for indie authors — be patient.

    3. Find a team to support you. Even though you are independent, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a team supporting you. Partnering with a trusted publisher and e-publishing service can give you the edge you need to succeed.

    4. Utilize your strengths. As an indie author, it is up to you to market yourself and your writing. Draw on whatever strengths and areas of expertise you might have in order to accomplish this.

    5. Build a dedicated following. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it might happen in a year or two. Take the time to build a following of fans.

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