Book Sales Are Still Rising During the Pandemic

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You may wonder how books are faring this side of the coronavirus pandemic and if writers still have time to write. Not only is there speculation about book sales, but authors are also curious if people have time to read in between their work-from-home positions and family responsibilities. The good news is that book sales are soaring — up 777% between March and April of this year — and the great news is that self-published authors and educational text writers are, oddly enough, having a bright moment in these uncertain days. Here are three points that will work in your favor if you are considering publishing your book during this time:

1. Your Audience is Waiting

This one applies to those who write educational texts and materials because all across the world, parents are homeschooling their children. Many parents are not, and have never been, teachers, and they are desperate for materials that would make their new job easier. Their children’s education is at stake, after all. If you are an educational or nonfiction writer, especially for children, don’t assume that just because schools are closed, learning is postponed. Families would likely be glad to see more material aimed at helping now-homeschooling parents.

2. Your Readers Probably Want an Escape

Like TV and movies, books provide a much-needed escape from reality during which you can experience a life that is not your own. It makes sense, considering the year the world has had so far, that there are people worldwide who would love to lose themselves in a different reality during quarantine — even if only for an hour a day. If you write fiction, there’s no need to wait for publishing a print run. Consider that eBooks can reach a worldwide audience with immediate delivery.

3. Your Downtime Can Be Used Wisely

If you have finished a manuscript or your educational text is ready for the digital publishing world, there’s no better time to get it out to readers. Don’t doubt yourself since there are, quite literally, hundreds and thousands of people seeking ways to learn and improve their lives by reading. With the right editor and team behind your project, you can publish faster, and with the confidence that everything has been done correctly from start to finish.

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