The Growing Role of Technology in Educational Publishing

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The information age has ushered in a wide range of changes to just about every industry, but few of them have seen the kind of strides found in educational publishing. Not only is technology helping distribute publishing materials more widely with less reliance on traditional manufacturing and shipping logistics, it’s also revolutionizing the education sector’s ability to support students impacted by systemic inequity in the primary and secondary education systems. Through a variety of tools that are used by both producers in education publishing and end-users, changes in the industry over the last decade have made the industry virtually unrecognizable when compared to the business models in play at the end of the last century. To achieve the impact in the marketplace you hope to attain, you’ll need to embrace those changes. Luckily, there are great resources to help you out.

Supporting Educators and End Users

As a content creator, it’s important to understand how educators and students engage with your material in the classroom. Fortunately, resources like the annual educational technology plan updates from the Department of Education’s relevant office are there to help you understand the best practices employed by the users who engage with your material:

  • Introducing methods for teaching with new technology resources
  • Providing new tools for assessing learning at the individual and group levels
  • Bringing equity to education through the use of technology
  • Enabling access to digital educational publishing and related tech resources

Today’s tech-enabled education publishing industry not only needs to provide the engagement tools and alternate methods of content delivery to make information accurate, timely, and accessible; it also must contend with a new distribution pattern that makes use of electronic formats for many academic texts and essential course textbooks.

Personalized Learning in a Rapidly Changing World

When it comes to addressing educational equity, tech-enabled publishing does more than just provide basic access. The use of rich digital environments capable of delivering interoperable multimedia resources is also an opportunity to create content that is more personalized to the user than ever before through the use of curation methods that learn how the user engages with published content. With today’s electronic delivery systems and widespread mobile device access, those goals are finally attainable for most if not all of the industry, provided educators have the rich resources to rely on when they teach.

Get Help With Tech-Enabled Services Today

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