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Judge a Book By Its Cover!

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Countless studies reveal that the human brain processes images significantly faster than it does words, and that images can make us feel a sense of connection or even disconnect. Because of this, Huffington Post suggests, publishers who rely on the motto, “Never judge a book by its cover,” are setting themselves up for major disappointment. If you want your book to sell, you need to give as much attention to book cover design as you do to the content itself.

Your Book’s Cover Is Your Sales Pitch

As a self-publishing author, you have several unique challenges to overcome, most of which have to do with marketing. Though you may not have the capital to spend on book tours or the pull to benefit from a radio interview or the Oprah Effect, nothing is holding you back from designing a compelling cover.

Self-publishing service providers can make cover design easy and affordable for publishers of all sizes. While such companies handle the logistics of cover design, you have ultimate control and the opportunity to approve everything from graphics to layout. Here are just a few reasons to let a professional take over your book cover design:

  • The quality of your cover speaks volumes about the content.
  • The cover can convey the style and mood of the work.
  • A cover can create preconceptions of the content, either good or bad.
  • A cover can speak to potential readers’ emotions and either engage or disengage them.

Appeal to browsers’ emotions and equip your book with a compelling cover. Recruit the team at Amnet for assistance in creating a book cover design that will win readers over before they even read the first page.

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