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Project Management for Academic Journal – Communications and Journalism

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Amnet editorial teams assist prestigious academic client with complicated journal work using dual shore project management model, leading to additional eBook projects.

About the Client

The client is the publishing house of a leading communication and journalism school in southern California. The school fosters dynamic synergies and multidisciplinary approaches to the study of communication and journalism through unparalleled access to the nation’s and the world’s entertainment, media, and technology industries.

The Client Context

The client required quick turnaround times on professional journal articles written by prominent media scholars.

Identification of the Bottleneck

Our team at Amnet copyedited numerous articles by different authors, including non-native English speakers, to achieve a consistent and high standard for this academic journal.

The Solution

At Amnet, our project managers are editors and our clients have direct contact with these experts. Amnet has access to a large group of freelance editors with whom we work regularly. Editorial project managers review all edits and ensure excellent quality to exceed client and author expectations. The US project managers “own” each project and act as liaison between clients, authors, freelancers, and Amnet’s internal teams. Customers have expressed great appreciation for having a direct line to a project manager with the editorial expertise to serve their project needs. Some of the advantages of this approach are:

  • Expertise: Our strong team of generalist and social science editors was an excellent match for this customer.
  • Flexibility: Some customers prefer to deal directly with the teams in India for post-editorial phases of a project, whereas others require a US point of contact throughout. Amnet adapts its workflow to accommodate customer preferences.
  • Convenience: With the US team working from US time zones, responses are quick and concerns can be addressed on the same business day. Coupled with our multi-shift coverage from our Chennai operations, Amnet distinguishes itself with speedy, accurate responses to customer inquiries.
  • Consultation: Clients appreciate having US editorial project managers nearby to address new challenges, workflow, and software development, and to discuss new projects through easily arranged site visits, conference calls, and instant messaging options.

Measurement of Results

The client has steadily increased the volume of work assignments placed with Amnet and consistently expresses gratitude for Amnet’s quality and timeliness. The client shared high praise with colleagues at the university, whose books division subsequently assigned complex composition and eBook conversion projects to Amnet.

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