The Growing Popularity of Graphic Novels and Digital Platforms

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The publishing industry has gone through a significant evolution in the last couple of decades. The development of the computer and the internet have created opportunities for broader reach and access to publications. However, another significant change in recent years has been shifts in people’s preferences for how they consume literature. The tradition of prose is long-standing and still maintains popularity, but graphic novels have seen a rise in consumer interest recently. This has left many wondering why the change has occurred and how they can capitalize on it.

Comics Aren’t Just for Children Anymore

While comics were once considered children’s literature and purely fiction, graphic novels gave rise to a new interpretation of that premise with works like Satrapi’s Persepolis and Spiegelman’s Maus. There are a growing number of manuscripts that are aimed at an adult reading audience and comprise a range of topics of historical and autobiographical significance.

Graphic Novels Allow for Expression, Description and Interpretation

While comic books tend to favor superheroes, graphic novels encompass a wide array of topics, from brooding mob and witness protection stories to zombies and the apocalypse. The specific medium of graphic novels allows authors to express themselves in myriad ways:

  • Images
  • Dialogue
  • Description
  • Theme
  • Genre

As a publishing option, these stories allow readers to interact in a way more like cinema. The author’s vision includes visuals for the reader to experience and interpret, which leads to a clarity of voice.

The Medium Is Still Evolving

With the advent of the internet and more recent developments in social media channels, graphic novels are finding new homes in digital formats — not leaving their print medium behind, only growing and adapting to new audiences. Therefore, it is vital for authors to find and work with publishing companies that can meet these changing expectations and requirements of a new generation.

The publishing industry is always evolving, and for now, one trend is favoring graphic novels and digital content. If you are interested in developing your graphic novel for the new and growing market through digital publication, then contact Amnet and find out about tech-enabled publishing services.


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