The Relationship Between Technology and Trade Publishing

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There’s a popular misconception that ebooks and online writing communities will make traditional trade publishing obsolete. The truth is publishers can work hand in hand with online writing communities and use emerging technology to help authors thrive.

The Ways Emerging Technology Is Changing the Publishing Landscape

While it’s true that online writing communities have changed the way people write and read, it’s also true that traditional publishers have had to adapt and decide whether to work with these online writers. There is the potential of using online writing communities to find the stories that have drawn in readers and then offer publishing deals to those authors.

In fact, over 1,000 stories on Wattpad have been turned into published books. This is in part thanks to Wattpad’s Story DNA Machine Learning technology that finds those stories with the potential to become bestselling books.

The Benefits of Online Writing Communities

Online writing communities provide a safe place where authors can publish their work, receive constructive feedback and interact with other authors and readers. Writer’s Digest published a list of the top 10 online writing communities for authors to choose from in 2018, although there are many more available. Some of the benefits of online writing communities:

  • Allows for interactions between authors and readers for feedback
  • Builds a loyal base of readers for bestselling books
  • Nurtures younger generations of readers and writers

Publishers can not only use these communities to find authors who have a base of readers, but find new works that have good writing, creative plots and multi-dimensional characters. In short, publishers can work with online writing communities to find their next bestselling authors.

The Harmony of Writing Collaboration

Publishers who work with online writing communities have the potential to adapt to a changing publishing landscape and help not only their business but also new authors thanks to technology. Amnet offers trade publishing solutions with a range of services to help traditional publishers thrive.


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