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Why Publishers Need To Partner With an End-to-End Service Provider

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Technological advances are driving a digital publishing revolution that has more and more people reaching for smartphones, tablets and e-readers rather than books and magazines. Some 20 percent of those responding to a U.S. Digital Publishing Industry Survey by Statista, said that they prefer e-books, while an additional 23 percent said they read an equal number of both e-books and hardcover or paperback books.

Technology has also enabled people and organizations to reach new and broader audiences and engage them in exciting ways. Modern marketing is all about building relationships, and rich content and social media tools allow you to interact with customers through memes, videos, emails, social media posts and more.

Tech-Enabled Services To Get You Web-Ready

A publisher wears a lot of hats, from acquiring or creating content to art creation, copy editing, production and more. To remain competitive in the digital world, you need a partner who provides supportive services to take you from initial project management steps to distribution. What comes between these ends, including cover design, layout and web-ready deliverables, can mean the difference between crossing your fingers and hoping for, as well as realizing, success.

By partnering with an end-to-end service provider, you will have the advantage of born-accessible content such as video, audio and interactive elements—essential components for engaging online audiences. Learn more about how Amnet’s technabled services can help you reach your digital publishing goals.

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