3 Reasons Publishers Should Invest in Technology

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The world of publishing has drastically changed in the last 20 years with the introduction of new platforms, technologies and consumer expectations. Unfortunately, not all companies feel they’ve kept up with the times: Approximately 25 percent of publishers feel they’ve fallen behind their industry peers. One way to close that gap is by investing in technology to both streamline the technical aspects of publishing and innovate the many creative elements the industry affords.

As media trends toward further interconnectivity, compatibility standards are beginning to emerge as well. While one program can’t be expected to meet the needs of every facet of the industry, compatibility between programs is essential to maintain efficiency. To this end, suites of tools are becoming more common as web and publishing standards converge, meaning that editors, writers, printers and typesetters are able to communicate and share files with increasing ease.

1. Meeting Consumer Demand

The advent of technology has changed not only how people consume media but their expectations of accessibility. With the proliferation of digital devices, consumers want to be able to access their libraries on their preferred devices, which necessitates publishers keeping up to date with the latest e-readers, phones and tablets. Failing to stay technologically relevant can leave entire reading demographics potentially untapped.

2. Innovative Distribution

Printed books may have been the standard for decades, but modern audiences are more open to — and sometimes even expect — different forms of literature:

  • Audio books
  • Serialized novels
  • Reading apps
  • Mixed media, such as the inclusion of video and audio
  • Interactive narratives

Modern writers are also upping their game by experimenting with form to enhance their stories.

Addressing the myriad demands of electronic publishing can be daunting for those new to the digital scene. Amnet is a publishing service provider that is passionate about helping publishers find the right strategies for their offered genres.

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