5 Reasons To Become an Indie Author

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Writing a book is a labor of love. It takes hours of dedication and focus to turn your ideas into a manuscript. Coupled with navigating the labyrinthian world of traditional publishing, the task can be daunting. Don’t let these worries discourage you. With cutting-edge advances in publishing, there’s never been a better time to become an indie author. Here are the top five reasons to stop talking about becoming an author and make it happen.

1. Total Creative Control

Unlike traditional publishing, indie authors get final say over every aspect of their work. That includes marketing, cover design and editorial decisions.

2. Higher Royalties

Gone are the days of a measly 7 percent royalty. On some platforms, you can make up to 70 percent.

3. Fast Turnaround

Between securing an agent to the final edits, the traditional route can take years before your book finds an audience. As an indie author, getting your book to market is as simple as uploading a file.

4. Retaining Your Rights

Most publishing houses make you sign away your rights. By keeping full control, you can tap into more global markets.

5. Entrepreneurial Energy

When it comes down to it, your writing is a business. If you enjoy this kind of challenge, take that entrepreneurial spirit and finish your book.

The creative process can be overwhelming, but the key is to get started. Once you have that manuscript, contact the publishing professionals at Amnet Author Services. Their experienced team of editors and designers can help you get your book out into the world.

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