Characteristics of a Quality Publishing Service Provider

[Approximate Reading Time : 4 mins]

Service providers deliver value to publishers by supplying them with necessary pieces to the publishing machine. A service provider may offer editing, art and design or production services to help publishers operate their business. Because many authors prefer the all-in-one option of a publisher, partnering with a publisher will give you access to more clients. The qualities you exhibit as a service provider will determine your ability to win a partnership with a successful publisher.

Be Transparent

Authors and publishers often want to know the specific name behind your services. Access to the portfolio and resume of an actual person that demonstrate experience and expertise allow a publisher to make an informed decision about hiring your work.

Be Trustworthy

Make information easily available about how long you have been in business. Provide testimonials and examples from clients you have worked with.

Be Competitive

When publishers seek a service provider, they will likely be comparing you to others. To become the best partner for the job, you need to compete with other service providers. Be open about the cost of your service and response times to make simple the comparison between service providers, in which you ideally come out on top.

Publishers increasingly rely on service providers to remain relevant and profitable. Use the best practices above to position yourself favorably to deliver the necessary elements in the publishing process.

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