Editing With Tech Innovation and Human Expertise

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Publishing demands the collaboration of multiple teams in order to manage design, marketing, accessibility, and distribution. Perhaps the most important part of the process, though, is editing. Before a book can reach the public, its text must be reviewed and revised by a professional proofreader. Is a task like this better left to a human reader or entrusted to technology?

Facilitate Collaboration

Editing is just one part of the entire publishing process, and in many cases, you might even be dealing with multiple editors on a single project. Choosing between human editors and tech resources isn’t about which produces a better product — it’s about which most effectively facilitates the collaboration and innovation you seek. EditOn is the ideal solution, with features including the following:

  • Cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere by anybody
  • Assign different tasks to different editors based on needs
  • Customizable security settings to control who can access the content
  • Easily track changes that are made by each member of the team

The Perfect Balance of People and Tech

EditOn makes it so you don’t have to outsource your editing process to robots, but you don’t have to forgo the innovation of tech, either. You can enjoy the best of both worlds and take advantage of the resources you need as a writer, editor, or publisher. Whether you’re working on a doctor dissertation or a novel that you intend to e-publish, using the right program can revolutionize your work and eliminate unnecessary stress. You shouldn’t be forced to choose between the intelligence of a human reader and the innovation of technology. With EditOn, you can fully enjoy both.

EditOn is just one of many solutions that Amnet offers publishing clients. Contact Amnet for editing, accessibility, and distribution services that streamline publication and make it easier than ever for publishers.


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