Effectively Accessing and Using the World of ePublishing and EPUB Format

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Effectively Accessing and Using the World of ePublishing and EPUB Format Written publications are at the forefront of the rise of digital access and use. One extremely common and popular form of creating digital publications is ePublishing. This publication forming process produces a computerized file format, known most commonly as electronic publication or EPUB for short. EPUBs are making huge waves in the reading, writing, and publishing realms all over the world, and for good reason.

What Is ePublishing?

ePublishing is the creation and issuance of books and other works in a fully electronic arrangement instead of a printed version. Some publishers solely work in this distribution method, some specialize in it, and others offer it as one of many options. Whatever level of electronic publication interaction a publisher chooses, this kind of publishing is fast becoming a front-runner publication layout.

What Is EPUB Format?

EPUB format is a specific type of fully electronically viewable content. It allows increased and often easier access to large quantities of material through smaller, portable devices anywhere and at any time. It is also available in many different versions to fit varying preferences. The International Digital Publishing Forum adopted it in 2007 as the new technical standard and official replacement for Open eBook.

There have been many updates and new versions released over the past twelve years. EPUB 3.2 is the most current version as of May 2019. Before that were EPUBs 3.0.1, 3.1, 3.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0. Each revision seeks to enhance both the viewing platform itself and overall user experience.

EPUB Challenges and Solutions

As challenges arise around how, where, and what to view, EPUB solutions continue to be made. One main challenge of ePublishing is allowing for user preference while still preserving original meaning and flow. EPUB 3.2 features both reflowable and fixed-layout experiences to help mitigate this issue.

Another main challenge is switching from device to device without losing the integrity of the piece or creating a negative viewing experience. Companies like Amnet offer EPUB conversion services usa for publishers to effectively and easily accommodate all display preferences and accessibility needs.

Though print versions are still prevalent, EPUBS are swiftly rising to the top of many readers’, writers’, and publishers’ lists as a must-have format. If you are a publishing company wanting to fully utilize this highly desirable viewing format, contact Amnet today and propel yourself to the must-have list as well.

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