How Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Publishing Ecosystem

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Artificial intelligence may not sound relevant to the publishing industry, but, like most things, this industry is subject to technology and its advancements. With the rapid improvements made in AI, the publishing field has already experienced reform, particularly in journalism. However, the changes are only beginning, with the following already on their way to causing further disruption.

Taking Over Technical Writing

In addition to news, nonfiction works such as textbooks are becoming the responsibility of AI to complete. Computers are much faster at compiling, analyzing, and presenting data than humans are. With AI providing a higher output in these areas, human writers can put their focus on more interesting and nuanced projects.

Complicating Copyright Law

Deep learning and big data have allowed AI to copy the voice, style, and themes of prominent fiction writers. The question then is who would own the right to the product? Does the plagiarized writer own it because AI copied the essence of the writer’s work? Is it the entity that used the AI tool to write the work, or the company that created the artificial intelligence?

Targeting Readership

Due to the digitization of books, the market has become flooded the last decade. The overwhelming quantity of literature makes standing out difficult. Marketing must be precise in order to find and target the right audience for a book. Artificial intelligence can help in the endeavor to match readers to appropriate books, especially ones they would not have found on their own.

Increasing Use of Voice Technology

Soon, human narrators may be no more, as AI will take over reading audiobooks with humanlike quality, including imitating well-known voice actors. This will make audiobook production cheaper, which likely will increase the number of audiobooks available as well as the demand for audio content and voice-accessibility in general.

Human Writers Are Still Necessary

Despite this new landscape, the need and desire for human writers is still present. It is simply more important both to express your humanity and embrace AI tools in order to succeed. Get started with the publishing assistance offered here at Amnet Systems.


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