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How Editorial Services and Image Management Enhance Your Magazine’s Value

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Magazine publishers are expected to publish content that is accurate and of high quality while also being appealing and quickly produced. How can you reconcile these two demands that may seem sometimes to be at odds? Amnet has the solutions: We provide editorial services like proofreading and copyediting to help you produce content that is well-organized and grammatically correct, and we also provide image management services to produce pictures that readers are likely to respond to positively.

Enhance Value With Editorial Services

Economic factors have forced many magazine publishers to cut corners. Some have felt compelled to let go of editorial staff, such as proofreaders or copyeditors. However, though this drastic step may save money in the short term, it is likely to cost you more over time.

A study conducted by an associate journalism professor at Wayne State University asked respondents to read two different versions of the same articles. The first version of each article was taken directly from a news publication and had been deemed poorly edited by the researcher, while the second version had been copyedited by the researcher to correct style, grammar, and usage errors. Respondents consistently rated the copyedited articles as “worth paying for,” i.e. higher in value, than the unedited versions.

When editorial staff members have been eliminated due to cost-cutting measures, it often falls to the writers to edit their own material. However, copyediting is a complicated process that may have as many as 10 different steps. It’s a lot to demand of magazine writers to research, write, and edit an article, and some may experience burnout as a result or seek employment elsewhere.

Enhance Appeal with Image Management

You may think of image manipulation as a product of the digital age, emerging with the advent of technology such as Photoshop. However, digital software has simply made the process easier. In truth, changes have been made to photographs as long as there has been photography. During the early days, it was accomplished with manual tools such as fine brushes and darkroom techniques such as special chemical baths.

Nowadays, image management can accomplish these enhancements and more to the pictures in your magazine:

  • Color correction
  • Swatch match
  • Creative retouching

Accentuate the Positive With These and Other Magazine Services

Editorial services from Amnet may be a solution that benefits all. Regardless of how often you publish and whether you publish digitally or traditionally, Amnet provides magazine services with high accuracy and fast turnaround.


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