How To Turn a Profit From Self-Publishing

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It’s true that writing a book is a fulfilling endeavor, but it is even more rewarding if the author can turn a profit. This is certainly a good time to publish, as book sales have increased each year since 2013, according to Publishers Weekly. While many success stories already exist in the self-publishing world — think Mike Omer and Andy Weir — an author looking to increase sales can do well to focus on a few key areas.

Book Cover Design

An attractive cover often garners extra attention from readers. A professional typesetting process and a creative layout and unique design can go a long way towards moving books. Experts in the field know that book consumers consider a book’s cover when browsing. The following thoughts may pass through the mind of a shopper:

  • A quality outside may mean a quality inside.
  • That cover appeals to me; perhaps I should read this book.
  • That cover sparks a deep, immediate connection.

Of course, a negative reaction is possible, too. That’s why using a professional design team can be money well spent for increasing sales.

Project Management

A professional project manager overseeing all aspects of a book’s publishing journey is often a valuable tool. By monitoring the editorial decisions, proofing, design, editing and marketing, smart project management can make a difference in a book’s success.

The Right Partner

To achieve success, a self-published author should look to partner with a company dedicated to preparing the best content. Working with a skilled team of practical and creative minds can do wonders for the bottom line.


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