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How To Become a Trusted Partner for the Education Segment

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According to BusinessWire, the educational publishing segment of the publishing industry is poised to see double-digit growth during the four-year period from 2017-2021. The exact projection is 10.68 percent growth over these four years, making it one of the most active segments of the publishing industry. For new businesses looking to deliver innovative solutions that drive student performance, it will be important to understand how to position oneself as a trusted partner to this market.

What Makes an Educational Publisher Trusted?

  • The International Publishers Association’s members agree to adhere to a standard of accuracy and publication excellence with regard to educational materials. Joining this group and taking advantage of resources such as their Educational Publishers Forum is a great way to start building that trust.
  • Remember that your product is information. As Wired pointed out, McGraw-Hill got to be as successful as it did by providing both great textbook materials and great online information portals, such as research databases and other points of information-gathering. Deliver useful information to become trusted with more educational institutions and partner organizations.
  • Never underestimate the power of a great title. Select vanguard textbooks for fields and invest the time and resources necessary to make sure they reach the highest-quality standards.

If you put these tactics into place with your company’s existing innovative solutions, it will be even easier for you to deliver excellent results to your educational partners, building more trust for your organization. Check out e-publishing resources from providers like Amnet for more ways to reach that goal.

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