Self-Publishing and Overcoming Readers’ Preconceptions

[Approximate Reading Time : 4 mins]

Self-publishing has come a long way in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean all readers embrace it. In fact, readers frequently skip self-published books, whether purposely or subconsciously. Instead, they read the books that are promoted through mainstream channels and that have been vetted at multiple levels. How can someone who is thinking about self-publishing overcome readers’ preconceptions?

Invest in Appearance

Present your book and everything related to it professionally. Make just one misstep, and you could lose a potential reader. Have these things:

  • Professionally designed cover
  • Professional-looking typesetting
  • No glaring mistakes that editing would have caught (especially in the sample)
  • No errors in your book description on retailers’ pages

It also helps if you have a nicely designed and updated author website and awards that lend you credibility. For instance, if you used to be published traditionally and are making the transition to indie publishing, you should include any awards you were nominated for or that you won. Other markers of credibility are great, too. For instance, if you’re a lawyer and are writing a legal thriller, include that information.

Spin a Well-Told Tale

Tell your story in an intriguing way to keep these readers reading. Choosing a popular genre may encourage fans to read your book.

Many authors prefer that their focus be on crafting good stories. Get help from Amnet on book cover design, editing, proofreading and even formatting.

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