Overcome the Print vs. Digital Debate With Hybrid Publishing

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The power of digital publishing is hard to overlook. However, many authors still prefer to have physical copies of their books on the shelves. If you’re unsure about the best publishing option for your latest project, find out how Amnet can help you connect authors and their audience with hybrid publishing strategies.

Print vs. Digital Publishing

As a publisher, you need to constantly weigh the pros and cons of both digital and print publishing strategies. Our publishing services can help you support authors in either market, and in many cases, it’s best to combine both into a hybrid approach.

Advantages of Print

There’s something uniquely memorable about holding and reading a physical book. Despite the growth in digital publishing, print remains a popular option for nonfiction books. Work with your authors to promote the advantages of printing books to give them a greater reach.

Advantages of Digital

Modern digital publishing methods mean eBooks are surprisingly affordable and easy for a global market to access. These features make the digital option attractive for authors, particularly in fiction.

How Hybrid Publishing Is Changing the Game

You don’t have to choose between print and digital publishing to be a successful publisher. Offer both services at the same time to your clients to get the best of both worlds. While an increasing number of book sales are happening online, both print and digital books are popular, depending on the industry and topic. Publishing software, digital marketing, and our innovative support services allow you to easily bridge the gap between the two publishing options for your clients.

Work With Amnet Today

Explore our publishing services to discover the modern way to work in the industry. Ensure optimum ROI by combining digital and physical publishing strategies with the help of our team at Amnet. Create a cost-efficient service for authors to choose either or both digital and physical publishing.

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