Scaling Quality Content in Optimum Time and Cost

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Whether you’re just launching your publishing company or you’re working for the premier publisher in your industry, it’s essential to keep your services scalable. Find out how technology is changing the way that publishers create quality content with decreased time, reduced costs and improved content quality.

Improved Turnaround Time

Companies in various industries are discovering how technology-enabled improvements can improve workflow. Automation can assist businesses in everything from filling out forms and invoicing to purchasing advertisements and running quality checks.

Publishers can take advantage of the latest automation software to streamline content creation, management, editing and proofreading services. Whether you’re an e-publisher or a print publisher, consider using editing software to reduce the turnaround time from submission to publication.

Enriched Content

Digital editing, proofreading and content creation software offers enriched content for your publishing company. Digital publishers in particular can take advantage of the latest software to create multimedia content that is accessible for a broad audience. Connect your publications with these media to promote more engaging, connected content:

  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • e-Books
  • Images
  • Videos

Decreased Publishing Costs

Not only will you enjoy faster turnaround times and improved quality for your digital and print content, technology-enabled publishing services can decrease your overall publishing costs. By reducing the time it takes to perform essential tasks, as well as offering you a way to easily scale your publishing business, publishing technology is at the forefront of cost-saving measures that you can easily use to improve your business model.

Update Your Content Services Today

Grow your publishing company successfully with the latest technology in the industry. At Amnet, we’ve created OneSolution, an innovative way to streamline your services, reduce costs and provide quality content with rapid turnaround times. Contact us today to learn more about how you can grow your publishing service with OneSolution. Lead the industry with cutting-edge technology and convenient solutions for all of your publishing services.


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