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Technology Enabled Approaches for Smarter Publishing

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It takes a lot to get the written word from pen to publication. The average piece of content goes through several processes before it eventually makes it before its intended audience, including first draft, copyediting, editing, rewrites and back to editing, until eventually it reaches the publication stage. Before technology, the entire process was a time-consuming and costly endeavor, and for those who refuse to implement automation technology, it still is. For those who embrace technology enabled services, however, the publication process has grown exponentially easier — and cheaper.

Lower Cost and Turnaround Time Is Possible

Automation software such as online editors, metadata management platforms, and end-to-end automations reduce overall delivery time and help publishers save big on overhead costs. Some of the technology –led initiatives that smarten publishing are –

Cloud based editors with workflow that offers the convenience of assigning a complete book or specific chapters to different copyeditors across the globe while tracking the progress of all editing activity.

Centralized cloud based metadata management platforms that store all metadata in a single repository offering a search function that helps retrieve specific information on titles in a quick time.

Distribution Platforms through which users can access, review, and deliver any file type to a wide range of distribution channels.

Go to Market Faster With Technology Enabled Services

There is no doubt that the transition from paper to digital has been challenging for publishers. However, publishers who have embraced the innumerable challenges and seized them as opportunities are the ones who have flourished, and who will continue to do so. Flourish with the best of them and turn to custom automated publishing services.

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