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Loyal Fans Follow Reader-Centric Content

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Some books are timeless while others grow and adapt with their readers. Making the effort to keep your content adaptable can be a daunting task, so it helps to have a goal in mind. Here are some questions to ask yourself when making reader-centric content:

What Do Your Readers Want?

Rather than thinking about what you want to say, think about what your readers want to know. This is easier once you have a few books under your belt and feedback from readers about what they most liked and disliked and what they want to see in the future.

How Can You Deliver That?

If your readers want more of what you already offer, then your goal is simply to make each published work fresh. However, it could be that your readers expect you to go outside your comfort zone and provide something adjacent. For example, readers of your books on organizational tips may also want your take on how to save money.

What Metrics Can You Use?

Once you focus on reader-centric content, you need to know whether it’s working. This is more than a brief look at sales, but it can also include what search terms readers use to discover your books.

Publishing adaptive, reader-centric content is the way to make a name for yourself. Find out here how to deliver that and build a loyal fanbase.

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