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Using Augmented Reality Apps in Publishing

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Augmented reality has gained popularity and worked its way into the mainstream through apps such as Pokemon Go. AR is a great new tool for helping readers engage with the world of a book by using their phones. It adds another dimension to their enjoyment of the text and has people returning to books for more content even after they finish reading.

Illustrations and AR

The classic children’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” has a colorful plot with unforgettable illustrations. The illustrated quality makes it ideal for adapting into an AR app, since it allows readers to bring the visuals out of the book and onto their phones. The publisher Puffin has created an app for the book called “My Very Hungry Caterpillar.” The app lets children raise the caterpillar as he transforms all the way from an egg to a butterfly. The interactive aspect helps the target audience engage with the book further, either before or after reading. The comic book “Masters of the Sun” is aimed at adult audiences and similarly uses AR to add more enjoyment to images and scenes from the book.

Writing With AR in Mind

“Supersaurs” is a book for elementary school students that presents an alternate universe where dinosaurs still roam the earth. It is the first in a planned series of six, and the story has an AR app to accompany it. In the app, children can use the “look” mode or “play” mode. The play mode allows for extra interaction with illustrations in the book and has a video-game-style focus that allows children to solve problems and gives the book another layer of story. The look mode shows dinosaurs strolling around through the phone. The book was written with the AR aspect in mind to create a greater level of engagement for the digital natives who will be reading it.

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